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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Funny Things

Uncontrollable laughter that goes on for an hour, crying, urinating, and then avoidance. Can they make a pill that does that? My Bass chops are getting attention and my thumb has not fully healed.

Three piece bands are awesome! Going to get an Australian Shepphard. I need the exercise too. Until the next show....


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thanks to our Fans

Reverbnation has really been helpful in spreading our message. Our radio show is exploding. My Masters degree is in sight and I am full and rested. The AC is freezing and the fridge is full. Take a walk outside tonight and notice the sky. Those are things untouched by us and under appreciated by most. Just think, we are looking at light from millions of years ago and what we see now may have vanished centuries ago. I don't know but it seems the sky is more than we see and we should take time tonight to enjoy it!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kobayashi, Spies, Moscow, callers and More

We have managed to visit our old friend Boris in Moscow, broadcasting the show live from a hotel in the city. My thumb has been injured for awhile now. Every important movement requires sacrifice. My thumb has been just a minor tool for agreeing from a distance and to aid in the pinching of my nether region.
I've just finished giving a dying woman a drink of cold tea. Parched from a nights want, she gets satiation from what the rest of us take for granted. I am completely committed and entrenched in my program. I've managed to wake and realize that one more sand has fell through the glass and one more cell has failed me.
However, like most other survivors, I take joy in the small comforts of this giant refuse pit we decorate with holidays and the lucky. But my real comfort lies away from people.... a view of a million years with little change, no obligations, and where living is to stay alive.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Russian Spies

So the Russian spies are being traded for some of ours. All that hoopla and reminiscing of the Cold War just dissipated before our very schizophrenic minds. I was looking forward to building "The Shelter" and stocking it up on necessary survival gear.
I need to lay down vocals on the bands newest track and get my ass to work studying for a Human Resource Management test.
I smell peach cobbler and my studio needs cleaned. Isn't it funny how the world really changes when we go outside? The presence of the sky is so unnoticed. It's vast and full of ever changing masterpieces.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oil Spill

With oil spilling in the Gulf, is technology only efficient at siphoning resources in the hopes that something will never go wrong? The race towards alternative energies will come out of necessity and most certainly too late.
When everyone runs out of gas...maybe it's a good thing. We can all learn to look at our neighbors in a different way. Perhaps daily routines will involve sharing and cooperation instead of competing in the credit game.
No one's willing to look backwards for answers.
Atm's are being developed that use biometric scanning to identify customers. No more ATM cards to worry about. Maybe thieves will just cut your hands off in an attempt to gain access to your accounts. But behold, scanning will identify veins not fingerprints so no luck dismembering others for quick cash.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This is the written arm of Deans List
and also an outlet for Dean from the band Vox Inertia

We will be in Moscow this week airing the show. I've been suffering from a bruised thumb, and it can make a recording engineer's job actually painful. Our band Vox Inertia is currently recording new material.